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How do I commission a piece of art?


First, have an idea of what artwork you want created- the clearer the Client's vision, the easier the Artist's job (unless the Client just wants to leave it in the Artist's hands!).


Click the "Commission a Piece of Art" button at the top of the page and fill out the appropriate inquiry form. The Artist will read your responses and reach out to you to discuss all of the details and get your one-of-a-kind piece of art started!


Friendly reminder: filling out a commission inquiry form does not obligate you to purchase any artwork!


How does a commission work?


After you have filled out a commission inquiry form, the Artist will contact you to discuss any further details, confirm any changes, and provide you with a price bid (unless the price of a piece is already specified).


An Artist/Client Commission Contract (provided by the Artist) is mandatory to complete prior to the initiation of any commission. For photo-realistic drawings, a mandatory $50.00 deposit is requested to confirm the Client's interest and "secure your spot" (the $50.00 deposit is figured into the final price of the commission and is not an additional charge).


If commissioning an ornament, pet portrait painting, or coloring page, the full cost of the artwork is required upon completion of the Commission Contract, and prior to initiation of the artwork.

*For every day payment is delayed, the artist may push back the completion date to accommodate that day.*

Throughout the creation process, the Artist will maintain contact with the Client on how the art is progressing and progress photos will be provided. Full payment is due prior to shipment or delivery.


How long does a commission take?


As a general rule, the Artist requests that you submit a commission inquiry a MINIMUM of 6 weeks prior to when you need the art piece. The Artist is liable to decline a commission request if the Client's deadline is too soon; however, smaller art pieces such as ornaments and coloring pages can be completed in shorter amounts of time. It never hurts to submit an inquiry to see what the Artist can squeeze in! Also, the Artist may complete and deliver the Client's art piece prior to the Client's stated deadline.


How much does a commission cost?


The price of realistic drawings varies greatly between pieces. A 4x6" drawing that takes 3 hours to create will cost vastly less than an 8x10" drawing that takes 30+ hours to create. Photo-realistic drawings are charged by the hour which means the larger, more complicated, more detailed the piece, the more it will cost.

For realistic drawings, price bids will be provided on a case by case basis, but in general, use this rule: 

increased artwork complexity + increased artwork size = higher price

- Ornaments cost $50.00 (shipping not included)

- Pet portrait paintings cost $60.00 for a 5x5" canvas board painting, or $100.00 for an 8x8" canvas board painting (shipping not included)


- Coloring pages range from $15.00-$25.00+ per page depending on the complexity and size of the page. The Client will be provided with digital .pdf and/or .jpg files of the coloring pages.


Why is art "expensive"?


When you pay for a piece of art, you are not just paying for the paper and pencils- you are investing in the thousands of hours one person has dedicated to perfect a craft which no other person can do.

Every detail has been meticulously doted on under the careful eyes of a devoted creator who desires nothing less than perfection. Art is impossible to replicate- you are the sole owner of a truly one-of-a-kind creation

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